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Six Years in iOS App Business

Six Years in iOS App Business

@Reks is celebrating six years since the launch of the first app. It has been a bumpy and exciting ride. This is neither a Microsoft story nor Apple story. This is not a story of a few young geeky engineers who had the skill and TIME to dedicate their lives into building something miraculously big. […]

Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spellin...

Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spelling to 4-Year Old

A user has recently contacted @Reks asking advice on which spelling list to use with a four-year-old learner. Which spelling words to use as a starting point mostly depends on the learner’s learning potential and motivation. As a teacher and a parent of a four-year-old boy, I would suggest to start with making your own custom list consisting […]

Help Your Child Develop Cognitive Ski...

Help Your Child Develop Cognitive Skills and More

@Reks announces the release of Memory Game Spelling Words Application, an educational game for children designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch application is yet another one in a series of successful educational apps designed by professionals in the field of education. […]

Choose Best App Among 350,000 Apps in...

Choose Best App Among 350,000 Apps in AppStore

Which Educational Application Works Best For Your Child? Apple’s App Store prides itself in having over 350,000 iPhone applications. There are literally thousands of educational applications on the App Store.  Parents and teachers are overwhelmed with such a vast number of apps. The key question is: How to decide which one is the best for […]

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