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Classroom Spelling

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This @Reks spelling app combines names of letters and sounds of letters (phonics) in one app.

Classroom Spelling by @Reks was designed to meet the needs of numerous schools and educational institutions. The apps represents a full version of Build A Word Express… App and a combination of two other spelling apps Build A Word Easy Spelling… App and Build A Word Easy Spelling with Phonics App.

Classroom Spelling offers users three spelling-words sections:

1. Customizable spelling-lists with the option of craeting a list of spelling words (type in the new word and record your voice)! Narration offers letter names.

2. Built-In Phonics Lists with separate lists for word families. Narration offers letter sounds (phonics).

3. Built-In Spelling Lists with separate lists for Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Sight Words, Dolch’s Word Lists (Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade), and more… Narration offers letter names.

Watch a short preview of the app:

This spelling app contains features such as:

►audio and/or visual prompt
► PROFESSIONAL narration or child’s narration
► three modes: Learn, Practice and Test (quiz)
► upper or lower case letters
► optional Montessori-style color coding of vowels and consonants
► immediate sound feedback heard upon tapping the correct/incorrect letter
► positive reinforcement lowers affective filters making learning a more engaging and enjoyable process
► focus is put on letter recognition, word recognition, as well as on word/letter association
► ACCESSIBILITY options to for VISUALLY impaired and those struggling with fine motor skills
► option for custom made features for special needs students
►Child proof SETTINGS button (press and hold)

Watch the full version video to see how to use this app:



@Reks Application available on the Apple App Store

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  from our users:

1. How do I delete spelling-word lists? – for ANSWER click this link: http://www.atreks.com/how-do-i-delete-spelling-word-lists/

2. How do I record narration using Classroom Spelling on iOS7? – for ANSWER click this link: http://www.atreks.com/recording-narration-using-spelling-app-on-ios7-troubleshooting/

3. How do I shorten/extend recording time in Classroom Spelling app? How do I deal with the noise of a long recording time? – for ANSWER click this link: http://www.atreks.com/the-recording-time-in-build-a-word-easy-spelling-app-is-too-long-how-do-i-deal-with-the-noise/

4. How do I create a custom spelling list in Classroom Spelling App? – for ANSWERclick this link: http://www.atreks.com/how-do-i-create-a-custom-spelling-list-in-build-a-word-easy-spelling-and-classroom-spelling-apps/

5. How do I add new words / delete old words in my custom spelling list? – for ANSWER click this link: http://www.atreks.com/how-do-i-add-new-words-delete-old-words-in-my-custom-spelling-list/

6. How do I share custom made spelling lists with other iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches created in Classroom Spelling, Build A Word Easy Spelling… apps? – for ANSWER click this link: http://www.atreks.com/how-do-i-share-custom-made-spelling-lists-with-other-ipads-iphones-ipod-touches-created-in-classroom-spelling-build-a-word-easy-spelling-apps/


@Reks (aka AtReks) Apps are designed in compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).

– Does not contain ads.
– Does not contain in-app purchases.
– Does not contain integration with social networks.
– Does not use analytics / data collection tools.
– Does include links to apps by @Reks in the iTunes App Store hidden in the settings section behind child-proof settings button (press and hold).

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