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About Us

The Family@Reks combines decades of our personal and professional experience both as educator and practitioner parents with needs and energLearn what's inside.y of our three children. The ideas for the apps come from the need to teach our children and from the desire to enhance the tools available to other parents and educators.

As parents we are mostly concerned with keeping our children bilingual by maintaining our native language while cultivating their everyday use of English. As educators and practitioners we pay special attention to creating easy-to-use child-friendly apps that both entertain and educate.

Read more about Natasa Gajic, founder and president of @Reks, in A Tribute to Mommy Developers.

To learn how we create apps read Appy Chat With Natasa Gajic, Founder of @Reks.
@Reks is a member of Know What’s Inside Program. Founded by developers who wish Know What's Insideto give parents the power to choose the best apps for their children. Only developers committed to the high standards for protecting children’s privacy and building great family-friendly apps are featured. Parents are given a chance to Know What’s Inside every app that is presented so that parents can decide if the app meets their children’s needs. Check out @Reks page on KnowWhat’sInside: https://knowwhatsinside/atreks


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