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Memory Game Spelling Words

This spelling app is both entertaining and educational. Memory Game Spelling Words by @Reks offers:

Spelling Words Card Matching Game

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* over 700 spelling words (Dolch’s Sight Word List and more)

* customized spelling lists
* Multiple Word Lists: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Sight Words, and other categorized word families
* narration: professional female narration or child’s voice
* choice of number of cards: 6, 12, 18
* upper or lower case letters
* block or cursive letters
* single-player, two-player mode or iComputer mode (play against the computer)
* audio and visual prompt to encourage taking turns 
* X-Ray option: take a look at the cards for five seconds and memorize their position
* child proof SETTINGS button (press&hold)
* positive reinforcement lowers affective filters making learning a more engaging and enjoyable process
* child-friendly interface with appealing visual and audio effects

You may choose the number of cards to play. Words are chosen randomly from a pool of over 700 words. The task is to find pairs of cards with the same word. Success is rewarded with a quick fun game.

Watch this video that describes Memory Game Spelling Words App:



Number of Players

There are three modes when it comes to the number of players:

1. Single-Player mode: play memory game on your own

2. Two-Player mode: play with a friend

3. iComputer mode: play against the Computer.


Number of Cards

There are three possibilities to choose from when it comes to the number of cards. One may choose either six (arranged 3×2), 12 (3×4), or 18 (3×6) cards.


Letter Case

It is possible to choose between upper and lower case letters. By swiping LOWER CASE button to ON, you may play Memory Game Spelling Words with words written in cursive letters. 


Letter Print

Letters may be displayed in cursive or block print. By swiping CURSIVE button in SETTINGS to ON, you may play memory game with words written in cursive letters.


Spelling Words Lists

There are Built-in spelling lists and Custom spelling lists.


Built-In Spelling Lists

There are 34 built-in spelling-word lists to choose from. The lists are categorized based on:

  1. Phonemic features of vowels – short, long (a, e, u, o, i)
  2. Number of syllables –spelling lists 1 – 6 and 14 – 19 are predominantly monosyllabic
  3. Dolch’s Spelling Word Lists: preprimer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade
  4. Semantics (meaning of words): calendar, food, animals, color, numbers
  5. Number of letters in a word: 1-3, 4-5, and 6+ letter words
  6. All words (700 words)

Spelling lists:

  1. Short ‘a’ CVC, VC (e.g. an, bat)
  2. Short ‘o’ CVC, VC (e.g. rob, ox)
  3. Short ‘u’ CVC, VC (e.g. cut, us)
  4. Short ‘e’ CVC, (e.g. hen, jet)
  5. Short ‘i’ CVC, VC (e.g. big, if)
  6. Short-vowel words CVC, VC without any consonant clusters or blends, and without double consonants (e.g. an, dog)
  7. ‘ck’ cluster (e.g. back, clock)
  8. ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘tch’ blends/digraphs (e.g. each, fish)
  9. ‘tr’, ‘dr’ clusters (e.g. drink, truck)

10. ‘sl’, ‘fl’, ‘cl’, ‘gl’, ‘tl’, ‘bl’, ‘pl’ clusters (e.g. class, flick)

11. ‘th’ blend/digraph (e.g. father, this)

12. ‘nk’, ‘ng’ cluster (e.g. drink, sing)

13. Double consonant (e.g. apple, call)

14. All SHORT-VOWEL monosyllabic words (includes consonant clusters and blends, double consonants)

15. Long ‘a’ words mostly monosyllabic (e.g. face)

16. Long ‘o’ words mostly monosyllabic (e.g. go, broke)

17. Long ‘u’ words mostly monosyllabic (e.g. moon, soup)

18. Long ‘i’  words mostly monosyllabic (e.g. cheek, deed)

19. Long vowel words mostly monosyllabic (both ‘i’ in fine and ‘i’ in deed are included…)

20. Sight words

21. Dolch Word List Preprimer

22. Dolch Word List Primer

23. Dolch Word List 1st grade

24. Dolch Word List 2nd grade

25. Dolch Word List 3rd grade

26. Calendar (months, days, some numbers, seasons)

27. Food&drink (food, cooking, and food consumption)

28. Animals (living beings: lice, fish, ox, bee…)

29. Color

30. Numbers

31. 1-3 Letter Words

32. 4-5 Letter Words

33. 6+ Letter Words

34. All Words


Custom Spelling Lists

Upon downloading an app one custom spelling list is already created as an example what a custom spelling list might look like. This exemplary spelling list can be customized (words deleted, added), it can also be renamed.

To create a new custom spelling list

  1. Tap and hold Press&Hold Button in the upper right corner of the screen. The SETTINGS will appear
  2. Tap ‘Word List’ in the SETTINGS
  3. Scroll down till you reach CUSTOMIZABLE LISTS
  4. Tap ‘Add New’ and a list of 700 words will appear
  5. Tap a word to add/remove it to/from the list. A list MUST HAVE at least 10 words before it can be made active!
  6. In the search box on the top you may enter a word you wish to add/remove, or a letter/cluster of letters you wish the words you want to add/remove to have.

Example: enter letters ‘ck’, and you will get a list of all the words containing this cluster:







7. By tapping each letter a check mark appears (or disappears) indicating that the word was added to (or removed from) the spelling list.

8. To see all 700 words tap ‘All Words’ in the lower left part of the screen

9. To see only active words, that is, words selected for the spelling list, tap ‘Active Words’ in the mid section of the lower part of the screen

You practically can check all the words you have chosen for your spelling list by tapping ‘Active Words’

10. To see inactive words, that is, words NOT selected for the spelling list, tap ‘Inactive Words’

11. To Name /Rename the spelling list, tap ‘Rename’ button in the upper right corner next to ‘Done’ button

12. Delete the existing name of the list and type in a new name. Example: CK in words

13. When you are done tap ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner of the screen

14. To check if the custom made list (e.g. CK in words) is selected for the game, go to SETTINGS again and tap the desired spelling list (e.g. CK in words)

15. When finished, tap ‘Done’ button in the upper right corner of the screen

X-Ray Feature

Tap the upper left corner once during the game to see an X-Rayed picture of the cards. The dinosaur pictures will become transparent and the position of the cards will be revealed for 5 seconds.

Dinosaur Game


After each game a child is offered a mini game as an intermission between two memory games. This mini game feature can be turned OFF. The mini game is set either at night or day. A set of dinosaurs are crossing a bridge. One dinosaur is standing under the bridge waiting for his cousin dinos to join him. So, the task is to tap only the cousin dinos and no other dinos. By tapping the right dino, his parachute opens up and he lands safely under the bridge. By tapping the wrong dino, he just falls flat on the ground.


Timing and Scoring in Results

Each game is timed. The timing is displayed at the top of the screen. Number of attempts are also counted and displayed at the top of the screen. Scores for SINGLE PLAYRE MODE are recorded for each level and can be seen in Results. The Results offer the following information:

  1. Date and time played
  2. Duration of the game
  3. Number of attempts
  4. The spelling list used in the game


TWO PLAYER AND iCOMPUTER Modes announce the winner after each game.


Other options

By shaking your device you may start a new game. Every new game gets randomly different music, different set of dinosaurs displayed on the back of each card. Even the color of cards changes at the beginning of a new game. You may turn OFF background music. You may also turn OFF the dinosaur game.


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