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Reading F – Creative Writing

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everyone says that love is grotesque

John and Julianna’s love is picturesque

even though the world is appalling

but their love is shining and charming

like the lighthouse by the dark sea


so their love was envied by the archangel

the angel did something horrible

used the murky power to kill Julianna

They took away his lovely Julianna

when John wandered the streets


He couldn’t find the useful key

until he met that beautiful girl.

by Lujain and Shawn



The Smile

The sun revealed her delightful smile

and the wind blowing her hair

awaiting the terrifying trial

sitting steady on the chair


She looked at him with a face full of tears,

and him listening to his faith

remembering the lovely yet short years

his heart filled with horrible wrath (or wraith)


The judge dismissed the case

sentencing him to life

with no way to ace

she remembered the promise of being his wife


She stayed at the door locked

she is sad meanwhile

the sun never stopped

revealing her beautiful smile

by Mubark and Leyi




In 1937 the devil entered the Central Plains

The devil did evil to the Chinese

people thought deadly resistance

the sad story takes place


One Chinese officer

One village woman

come together for love

 this love can cross the sea


Love is short

enemy is vicious

devil kidnapped Xu Qin

Blackmail the Chinese army officer to surrender


Chinese officers teary killed lover and

devil with an Italian gun.

Lover is gone but love is forever.

by Tao, Shaoyu, Taiheng




Love is endless

Love is undying

Love is gorgeous

Love is motivating

But if you loved

the wrong person

Love can be


by Yousef

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It was a story of grief and sadness.

Two lovers fall in love.

The love is deeply, deeply


No matter what happened

No matter who’s gone

Love never ends


Anywhere you are

He is near

Anywhere you go

He will be there,

Anytime she whispers his name.

She will see.


by Yunhan and Wangshangchen



I was in the sun glow at dawn

My sleeves waved the sky light that made the capital become charming

The king wore brown gown

and his jade plate on his belt, ring and ring

He could not see me, in this great gorgeous scene.


The forest was gentled by my eyes

But it will never know what is in my mind.

The cirrus climbed up to my hair,

and i sigh that I cannot be his bride.


When I went back to my king’s land,

the sky was full of smoke and sand

Where is my man?

I don’t know, but I remember the sky light

that was wearing on my man.

by Xiayu and Crystal




Sun Fall


How to cancel my sorrow,

I can’t forget the place you leave me,

Your perfume disappearing too quick.

I close my eyes,

Still remember your mild temperature. 


When deep desperation want to devour me,

Like a lost child can’t find my way back.

Where can I go

In this endless night.

You bring dawn. 


I spend all I have to fall in love,

like poeple purchasing the light.

Wait the sun will fall. 

by XuanMeng and Yuejia


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