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Search Words Puzzle

Search Words Puzzle iOS App designed by @Reks is a fun and educational brain workout for the whole family. Now, you can download this app for FREE!

This @Reks iOS app can be easily CUSTOMIZED to meet different users’ needs by choosing:@Reks Application available on the Apple App Store

1. SIZE of the puzzle board
2. DIRECTION of the words: across (left to right or right to left), up, down, or diagonally.
3. WORD LIST: SAT words, sight words, animals, geography, sports, camping, colors, family, farm, flowers, food, military, random…
4. To CREATE YOUR OWN WORD LIST (type in the words you wish to find)
5. NUMBER of words to find
6. NARRATION : text to speech
7. LETTER CASE: lower or upper case

Do the puzzle together with your friends or family or make it a competition!   @Reks Application available on the Apple App Store

The Word Search Puzzles will:

  • Improve your concentration
  •     Reduce stress level
  •       Increase your vocabulary
  •          Help you read faster
  •            Improve your spelling.

Download it from iTunes for FREE! 

@Reks Application available on the Apple App Store

Search Words Puzzle by @Reks 3

Search Words Puzzle by @Reks 4Search Words Puzzle by @Reks 5

Search Words Puzzle by @Reks 2

Search Words Puzzle by @Reks 1

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