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Six Years in iOS App Business

Six Years in iOS App Business

@Reks is celebrating six years since the launch of the first app. It has been a bumpy and exciting ride. This is neither a Microsoft story nor Apple story. This is not a story of a few young geeky engineers who had the skill and TIME to dedicate their lives into building something miraculously big. […]

How Do I Share Custom Spelling Lists ...

How Do I Share Custom Spelling Lists Using Google Drive or DropBox?

A number of schools contacted @Reks asking about additional feature to share custom-made spelling lists with other iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches using Google Drive or DropBox. For this reason, we have made this step-by-step manual to guide the users through the process of sharing spelling lists for the following apps: a. Classroom Spelling, b. Build A Word – Easy Spelling – […]

Classroom Spelling

Classroom Spelling

This @Reks spelling app combines names of letters and sounds of letters (phonics) in one app. Classroom Spelling by @Reks was designed to meet the needs of numerous schools and educational institutions. The apps represents a full version of Build A Word Express… App and a combination of two other spelling apps Build A Word Easy […]

The Recording Time in Build A Word Ea...

The Recording Time in Build A Word Easy Spelling App is Too Long. How do I deal with the noise?

A number of schools asked us to do increase recording time for new spelling words narration because they needed longer time to add sentences in narration especially when using homonyms like ‘see’, and ‘sea’. @Reks cares about the users and gladly made the changes. However, we also realized that some users might find this extra time surplus […]