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Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spellin...

Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spelling to 4-Year Old

A user has recently contacted @Reks asking advice on which spelling list to use with a four-year-old learner. Which spelling words to use as a starting point mostly depends on the learner’s learning potential and motivation. As a teacher and a parent of a four-year-old boy, I would suggest to start with making your own custom list consisting […]

How do I delete spelling-word lists?

How do I delete spelling-word lists?

Classroom Spelling, Build A Word – Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words, Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names   apps offer users an option to add new spelling-word lists or delete old spelling-word lists. To add new spelling lists you can use letters of the English alphabet. To […]

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