@Reks was honored to be App Developer of the Week at AppAble. On that occasion @Reks apps were promoted and discussed on AppAble’s Facebook page. AppAble is a community started as a Facebook Page owned by wonderful ladies (Julie-Anne McCarthy, Veronika Walshe, Teriann Morgan, Deanne Shoyer, and Cynthia Gregory). The community was started to help promote apps (and their Developers) that benefit the Special Needs Community. This page is also a place for people to ask and give app advice to SN parents and teachers.

This week, Monday through Friday, one set of our educational apps was presented. Thanks to their generous app promotions more people were introduced to our work and future plans. Especially rewarding was meeting our users in person.

The highlight of the week was developer chat on their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/AppAble/posts/391364070915806). It was so much fun chatting with the AppAble community. Also, there were some insightful suggestions that made us think about our future app projects.

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