@Reks announces the release of Memory Game Spelling Words Application, an educational game for children designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun and friendly atmosphere. This iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch application is yet another one in a series of successful educational apps designed by professionals in the field of education. @Reks’ apps are remarkably well received by children and parents, and also by educational institutions.

What distinguishes Memory Game Spelling Words in the myriad of educational applications for children on the App store?

The underlying pedagogical methodology for this application is to teach children spelling words required in today’s elementary school curriculum. Memory Game Spelling Words is an educational game, and as such it is a great tool for building a good foundation for math and language skills. Words are chosen randomly from a pool of over 600 words. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit using this application.
The Role of Apps in Education

It is more than just trying to “keep the kids busy” at dinner. According to Natasa Gajic, an educator and a linguist:  “An app is a unique learning tool that can be used inside and outside the classroom. Once the child is immersed in the app he or she feels comfortable and successful which in turn motivates the child to keep coming back to the source of learning. There have been studies written on the topic of good mood vs. cognitive processes, and positive motivation vs. success.” There is nothing like positive reinforcement to stimulate that precious little brain with tons of potential.

Memory Game

Games are considered to be effective and useful tools in learning processes. Combined with pedagogy, games are great motivators offering challenge and relying on child’s imagination and curiosity.  Apart from creating fast readers, Memory Game Spelling Words is also a great tool for developing cognitive skills such as:
1. Memory
2. Concentration
3. Reasoning
4. Perception.
Spelling Words Memory Game represents a classic matching game traditionally used to build cognitive skills. Such skills help you mentally gather and store knowledge. Memory, concentration, reasoning and perception are examples of cognitive skills that are employed in reading, writing, mathematics, etc. Teachers and parents can aid the child’s development with games designed to enhance their cognitive skills.
Spelling Words
By being exposed to spelling words, through visual and audio stimuli, a child is able to connect the word as it is spelled with the audio presentation of that word. Successful matching makes the child become faster and better in recognizing and memorizing words. Some scholars claim that students with accurate, automatic, attention efficient word identification skills are able to reserve greater attention resources to focus on comprehension making them better readers than the students with poor word identification skills.


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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Natasa Gajic, a member of CATESOL (California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), and a founder of @Reks, a company that prides itself in creating educational applications.