MomsWithApps traditionally organizes every Friday #AppFriday Party where iPhone and iPad developers gather to promote their apps with emphasis on apps for kids, especially educational apps for kids. This is a good place to visit because you may grab an incredible deal of your favorite app. Some apps are specially offered for FREE at #AppFriday Party. Some are offered on SALE. And for some you just need to grab a FREE Promo Code. Whichever is the case, you will be happy with an array of great and good quality apps! MomsWith


Apps usually host #AppFriday Party on their Facebook Page:

On Friday 13th, 2012, Caboose – Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns by AtReks is FREE. This is limited time ONLY! According to MomsWithApps

This app focuses on patterns and sequences. I like how the user can customize settings on how to select the object (tap or drag & drop), and the type of pattern. Once you p

lay around with the settings, you can create a set-up appropriate for your child.

This Friday (January 13th, 2012), developers will be gathering at the Auryn Apps Facebook Wall at 10:00am Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco time) to share app news and deals. Please stop by to join the fun!