A couple of days after the release of the update of all four Arithmetic Invaders Applications, they were featured in 340 places worldwide. 
The applications focus on mathematical facts taught in elementary schools. Each Arithmetic Invaders app focuses on one grade:

1. Arithmetic Invaders Grade K

2. Arithmetic Invaders Grade 1

3. Arithmetic Invaders Grade 2

4. Arithmetic Invaders Express – includes portions of math facts Grade K – 2.

Arithmetic Invaders Grade 2 appears to be significantly successful. The app was so well received that it has already found its spot in the WHAT’S HOT? section in the iTunes!!

Obviously the new features added to these iPhone and iPad applications proved to be effective. The new features include:

• Improved gameplay (no random shoot-out!)
• Improved transition between skill levels (save the planet to unlock the next mission)
• Space pilot insignia as collectible items offered as a reward for success
• Planet facts included
• Voice guided game

@Reks Application available on the Apple App Store