Play one of eight Arithmetic Invaders games to defend the solar system, learn the names Arithmetic Invaders Grade 1 of the planets and master the Grade 1 arithmetic.
* Three addition games
* Two subtraction games
* Two multiplication games
* One division game
* Basic facts about the Solar System
* Focus on Math problems to avoid random shoot-out
* Complete missions to move to the next level and earn space pilot ranks
* Collect insignia
* Apply fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Arithmetic Invaders (AI) Grade 1 is designed as a unique application that both educates and entertains your child.

Intuitive table structure is used to present the list of campaigns. Each campaign displays a title, short description and the best score. The score is calculated by subtracting missed attempts from successful attempts.

By tapping on a row a user is able to move from the campaign selection to the game play page.

The main game interface consists of four invader space ships, laser gun, navigation controls and firing control. Each invader ship has an expression associated with it. Once computed the expression defines ship’s wave length. The gun has a number representing laser’s wave length attached to it. In order to neutralize the descending ship the gun must be aligned with a ship matching the gun’s frequency and laser must be activated.

A user uses navigation pads to move the gun between positions. Once the gun is aligned with the targeted ship, the user should tap on the red firing button to discharge the laser. Gun’s wave length changes with every firing.
Practically, the user is expected to calculate the value of the expressions displayed on the invader ships. In order to score, the user is expected to connect the number printed on the laser gun with the result of the corresponding mathematical expression.

The game ends with either an invader ship touching the grounds (mission failure) or expiration of the game period (mission success). Once the game is finished, a summary that includes the number of successful and unsuccessful attempts is displayed.

Game length can be adjusted on the info page accessible from the campaign selection page.

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