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All AtReks (@Reks) Apps

All AtReks (@Reks) Apps

A list of educational apps created for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by  AtReks (@Reks) in alphabetical order:

Build A Word: Easy Spelling – L...

Build A Word: Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words…

With this app you have a chance to create your own spelling word lists – type in a word and record your own voice for narration. Build A Word Application helps students as young as three learn how to spell. Students are motivated through positive reinforcement in the form of a fun balloon popping game […]

Spelling Words Card Matching Game (FR...

Spelling Words Card Matching Game (FREE App)

This spelling app is a classic memory game with only one goal: find two identical cards, that is, two cards with the same word written on it. It is a lite version app of Memory Game Spelling Words iOS App. Spelling Words Card Matching App is offered in iTunes as a FREE app with in-app […]

Arithmetic Invaders: Grade 1

Arithmetic Invaders: Grade 1

Play one of eight Arithmetic Invaders games to defend the solar system, learn the names  of the planets and master the Grade 1 arithmetic. * Three addition games * Two subtraction games * Two multiplication games * One division game * Basic facts about the Solar System * Focus on Math problems to avoid random […]

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