Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names by @Reks reaches Top 30 Favorite Free Apps on Smart Apps For Kids website. 

Every day Smart Apps For Kids picks what they call the Good Free App of the Day, an app that they have downloaded, tested and certified. This means the application cannot have a ton of ads or just a little content with ton of in-app purchases. Also, the app has to be good. Having analysed myriads of apps, they have created Top 30 Favorite FREE Apps based on the number of  hits the app received on their website.

Smart Apps strives for meticulousness and honesty in its reviews, both positive and negative. Our goal is to be the most complete source for parents and educators looking for reliable info on an app before making a purchase. Most kids apps review sites only publish positive reviews, meaning that if an app isn’t a good one, you won’t find any info about it on their site. If Smart Apps gives an app a good review, readers know they can trust it. (Click here to read more about Smart Apps for Kids)


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