The iPhone Mom posted a review of Build A Word – Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words Application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  According to the reviewer this is “a solid spelling app for early readers”.

This was a second review of Build A Word Easy Spelling by @Reks posted by the iPhone Mom. Almost exactly a year ago, a little after the spelling app’s release in iTunes, the iPhone Mom reviewed the app for the first time. She gave us some good pointers and suggestions. @Reks took her review seriously and worked on improving it. Some additional features were introduced only to please our reviewer and users.

The efforts brought results. The iPhone Mom liked the changes:

After using Build A Word myself I feel like it’s a solid spelling app for early readers. I like the fact that you can break the words down into the different lists and I really appreciate being able to add in my own words. This is great for first grade spelling practice. @Reks already has a separate Build A Word withphonics but I think adding that element to this app will make it even stronger.

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