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iPhone 6, iOS8 Launching Us Into New Era?!

Expectations are sky-high for the iPhone 6. Rumor has it that iWatch and second Countdowngeneration iPad Air will be unveiled as well.

Tim Cook will take the stage at the Flint Center in Cupertino on September 9, 2014. This time Apple chose to have the event at Flint Center which holds nearly 3,000 people. A live stream of September 9 event will be held. You can watch it here:


The new iPhone could be one of the most pivotal devices in the Cupertino brand’s history.
One thing is for sure, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 now out in wild, Apple needs to stay on top with the new iPhone. It is expected that iPhone 6 would have:

Compare iPhones

– a bigger screen
– sapphire crystal for the screen (resistant to scratching and bending)
– Liquidmetal components
– Super-slim frame
– A8 chip (2.0 GHz per core with faster response time and graphics rendering)
– 13-megapixel camera
– Optical image stabilisation to reduce image blur
– A curved screen (more durable, more comfortable to use, and better suited to watching videos and playing games)
– Quantum dots to improve the color and sharpness of mobile screens
– Battery life
– Eye-tracking
– Near Field Communication or NFC to allow the phone to act as a payment system
– Health monitors and apps

The new iPhone would be on sale 10 days after the announcement.


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