In this application a student must use his / her cognitive memory skills to remember Memory Game Divisionwhere the cards are in order to reveal matching pairs. A significant advantage of this particular app, Division: Math Facts Card Matching Game by @Reks,  is that the child is expected to calculate each mathematical expression to be able to connect it to its result.

* learn accurately and quickly how to divide a number
* choose single-player, two-player  or iComputer mode (to play against the computer)
* play three different levels
* pick number of cards: 6, 12, 18
* follow audio and visual prompts to take turns
* use “X-ray” feature to memorize the position of cards
* enjoy child-friendly interactive interface with appealing visual and audio effects
* observe timing and scoring
* play optional tapping game as a reward

Click to watch video Memory Game: Division

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