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How Do I Share Custom Spelling Lists ...

How Do I Share Custom Spelling Lists Using Google Drive or DropBox?

A number of schools contacted @Reks asking about additional feature to share custom-made spelling lists with other iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches using Google Drive or DropBox. For this reason, we have made this step-by-step manual to guide the users through the process of sharing spelling lists for the following apps: a. Classroom Spelling, b. Build A Word – Easy Spelling – […]

4 Steps To Extend Battery Life On App...

4 Steps To Extend Battery Life On Apple iOS 7 Device

If you have already upgraded operating system (iOS) of your Apple device to iOS7, you are probably worried with the battery life suddenly becoming shorter. This is because iOS7 introduced a lot of fancy features that tend to deplete your battery faster. Here are 4 steps you can take to keep the battery running longer:

Why did SOUND on my iPad stop all of ...

Why did SOUND on my iPad stop all of a sudden?

Some iPad, even iPhone users complain that the sound on their device suddenly stopped working.  You might not get sound even after moving the SIDE SWITCH button on your iPad Device. This happens in case you have the SLIDE SWITCH set to control rotation lock. To fix this issue follow these four steps: 1. Double […]

I do not want my child to make in-app...

I do not want my child to make in-app purchases. How do I do that?

You can turn OFF in-app purchase on your iPhone in 7 steps. The same steps can be applied to iPad or iPod Touch. Tap SETTINGS Tap GENERAL in the Settings Scroll down to find RESTRICTIONS. Tap it. Tap ENABLE RESTRICTIONS at the top of the screen. Enter Restrictions Password (4 digit numerical code)

@Reks apps FREE and reduced for World...

A number of websites (AppyMall, A Byte of This and That, Smart Apps For Kids, Technology in (SPL) Education…) have organized events in support of World Autism Awareness Month – April 2013. They have all collected a number of FREE or discounted applications and posted them on their websites. On top of that they have […]

Your Own Spelling List in Memory Game

Memory Game Spelling Words by @Reks lets your child memorize spelling words by sight while playing a memory game!  Now you get to create your own spelling list based on any word family you want your little one to master. Here is how it works:

All AtReks (@Reks) Apps

All AtReks (@Reks) Apps

A list of educational apps created for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by  AtReks (@Reks) in alphabetical order:

Division: Math Facts Card Matching Ga...

Division: Math Facts Card Matching Game

In this application a student must use his / her cognitive memory skills to remember where the cards are in order to reveal matching pairs. A significant advantage of this particular app, Division: Math Facts Card Matching Game by @Reks,  is that the child is expected to calculate each mathematical expression to be able to […]

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