Learners of all ages and abilities can benefit using this memory game iOS application. Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game  is designed to encourage higher level Letters Numbers Memory Gamythinking and reasoning in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

*English alphabet with 26 letters
*Each letter narrated
*Choice between sound of the letter (phonics) and name of the letter (spelling)
* option to match only upper case letters, only lower case letters, or combined upper and lower case letters
*option to match numbers
*Numbers narrated
* choice of number of cards
* the winner may be rewarded with an extra game of dinosaurs
* child-friendly interface with appealing visual and audio effects The underlying teaching methodology for this application is to teach children letters (name of the letter and sound of the letter) and numbers as required in today’s elementary school curriculum. You may choose the number of cards to play. Cards are chosen randomly. The task is to find pairs of cards with the same letter/number. Success may be rewarded by a quick fun game. Apart from teaching English alphabet and numbers,  Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game is also a great tool for developing cognitive skills such as:

@Reks Application available on the Apple App Store