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Back To School SALE!

Back To School SALE!

@Reks is participating in a global Back To School SALE! As a sign of appreciation for thousands and thousands of educational purchases by schools worldwide, the company has decided to give back to the community by offering a number of apps for a considerable discount and a number of apps completely FREE. The Back To […]

Lingua Latina Nouns iOS App

Lingua Latina Nouns iOS App

This iOS app helps students learn Latin nouns, practice them through five different games, and finally gives students a chance to take a test and see how much knowledge they acquired. A student chooses whether he wishes to learn or practice the meaning of nouns or grammar. All these and many other options are available in […]

School Tool Rhyming Words App Feature...

School Tool Rhyming Words App Featured in iTunes

School Tool Rhyming Words iOS app by @Reks was released only a couple of weeks ago and already featured in iTunes. The app is featured in 155 iTunes markets worldwide.

How To Use School Tool Rhyming Words ...

How To Use School Tool Rhyming Words App

School Tool Rhyming Words app was planned to be a part of Presentation, Practice and Production language teaching methodology. Practically the method relies on the progression from presentation, through controlled practice, to free production. Having this in mind School Tool Rhyming Words was given three main parts (Modes): Learn Mode Practice Mode Quiz The goal of […]

Educational Spelling Apps in Classroo...

Educational Spelling Apps in Classroom

@Reks has a number of spelling apps to meet different educational needs. @Reks is a member of MomsWithApps Group (http://momswithapps.com/) hence all @Reks’ spelling apps are a part of KnowWhatsInside Program, a partnership between MOMs with apps™ and ACT.

FREE Educational Apps

FREE Educational Apps

Here is a list of FREE educational applications for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch courtesy of @Reks: 1. Astro Math – FREE 2. Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts – FREE 3. Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names– FREE 4. Caboose Express: Patterns and Sorting for Preschool and Kindergarten– FREE 5. Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Free Card […]

Memory Game Spelling Words

Memory Game Spelling Words

This spelling app is both entertaining and educational. Memory Game Spelling Words by @Reks offers: * over 700 spelling words (Dolch’s Sight Word List and more) * customized spelling lists * Multiple Word Lists: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Sight Words, and other categorized word families * narration: professional female narration or child’s voice * choice of number of […]

Multiplication: Math Facts Card Match...

Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game

  This educational memory game is a great tool for building a good foundation for math that today’s school curriculum requires.  A student becomes a faster player with every new game using Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game by @Reks. The application also represents a classic matching game traditionally used to build cognitive skills.

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors C...

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game

Learners of all ages and abilities can benefit using this memory game iOS application. Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game  is designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun, friendly atmosphere. *English alphabet with 26 letters *Each letter narrated *Choice between sound of the letter (phonics) and name of the letter (spelling) * […]

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