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ADJECTIVES DEFINITION Types of Adjectives Attributive adjectives Predicative adjectives Descriptive Adjectives Adjectives of Quantity Possessive Adjectives Demonstrative Adjectives Interrogative adjectives Personal Titles Comparative Adjectives FORM Superlative Adjectives FORM FORMING COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES ORDER OF ADJECTIVES Download Basic English Grammar Book for Students PDF File  DEFINITION:  An adjective is a part of speech which describes, […]

How can I learn more about my new iPhone...

How can I learn more about my new iPhone 6?

To learn more about your iPhone 6 refer to the guide included in your device box to help you get started, or check out this a) iPhone 6 Manual User Guide: or b) iPhone iOS8 User Manual provided by Apple:  If AT&T is your cell phone provider, visit the Phone & Device Learning Center at for […]