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Back To School SALE!

Back To School SALE!

@Reks is participating in a global Back To School SALE! As a sign of appreciation for thousands and thousands of educational purchases by schools worldwide, the company has decided to give back to the community by offering a number of apps for a considerable discount and a number of apps completely FREE. The Back To […]

4th-Grade Printable Math QuizSheets

4th-Grade Printable Math QuizSheets

This page offers a number of math worksheets for Grade 4 following Math Essentials math textbook and common core standards. The worksheets are organized in four different lessons (Units). The Math topics in the first lesson (Unit) are as follows: – Calculate area and perimeter of triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, or trapezoid – Order of […]

Special Education Department Recommen...

Special Education Department Recommends @Reks Apps

Special Education Department at Calvin Christian School (Hamilton, Ontario in Canada) recommends @Reks apps. The @Reks card matching apps caught the school’s attention: Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game (primary) – to download go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multiplication-math-facts/id459907714?mt=8 and Memory Game Spelling Words (primary) – to download go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memory-game-spelling-words/id433314779?mt=8 The apps were chosen as the ones offering interactive challenges […]

Astro Math: Grades K-3

Astro Math: Grades K-3

The app is a reliable follow-up resource for common core standardized lessons. Astro Math: Grades K-3 by @Reks includes math facts covering kindergarten through 3rd grade school curriculum. By protecting each planet individually a student goes through levels practicing grade-level appropriate math skills (counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). The student collects coins upon successfully completed missions and […]

Memory Game: Multiplication Update Ne...

Memory Game: Multiplication Update News Spreads Around

Smart Apps For Kids posted an article about the latest update of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application Memory Game: Multiplication designed for children. An updated version of Memory Game: Multiplication has been released and we’ve updated our review. Originally four stars, several improvements to the app have pushed it solidly into Top Pick territory, so […]

Multiplication: Math Facts Card Match...

Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game

  This educational memory game is a great tool for building a good foundation for math that today’s school curriculum requires.  A student becomes a faster player with every new game using Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game by @Reks. The application also represents a classic matching game traditionally used to build cognitive skills.

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