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4th-Grade Printable Math QuizSheets

Math FactsThis page offers a number of math worksheets for Grade 4 following Math Essentials math textbook and common core standards. The worksheets are organized in four different lessons (Units).

The Math topics in the first lesson (Unit) are as follows:

– Calculate area and perimeter of triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, or trapezoid

– Order of operations

– Factor analysis

– Reading tables to answer questions

– Mean, median, mode and range of a data set

– Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (long numbers)

– Convert decimals to fractions and vice versa

– Money word problems (division)

– Estimating and rounding

– Order of operations

Tap/click the following links to print math tests from the first lesson (Unit) as described:

1. mathTest_4thgrade_1

2. II Math Test Grade 4

3. III Math Test Grade 4

4. IV MathTest Grade 4

5. V Math Test Grade 4

6. VI MathTest Grade 4

The following set of math quiz worksheets cover the topic of metric system and metric conversion. Students are responsible for knowing the base unit along with kilo, centi, and milli.  So for example, students only need to be able to convert between meters, kilometers, centimeters, and millimeters.  We will not use measures starting with the deci-, deca-, or hecto- prefixes. Tap/click the following links to print the next set of math worksheets:

1. I Math Test Metric System and Metric Conversion

2. II Math Test Metric System and Conversion

3. III Math Test Metric System and Metric Conversion

4. IV Math Test Metric System and Conversion

Unit 4 math quiz worksheets cover a number of topics:

– long division; interpreting remainders for a division problem; word problems with money;

– estimating using division

– converting fractions to decimals; converting decimals to fractions to the hundredths place

– identifying the radius and diameter of a circle

– mean, median, mode, and range of a data set

– understanding elapsed time – word problems

The following links offer Unit 4 math quiz worksheets:

1. I MATH Test Unit 4

2. II MATH Test Unit 4

3. III MATH Test Unit 4

4. IV MATH Test Unit 4

The following worksheets are designed for students to practice fractions. Students are expected to add/subtract fractions, change mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice verse, reduce and simplify fractions, compare fractions as well as to multiply and divide fractions. The worksheets also include word problems with fractions.

The following links offer math quiz worksheets covering fractions:

1. I Math Test Fractions

2. II Math Test Fractions

3. III Math Test Fractions

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