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“2sweet2besoured” Please ...

“2sweet2besoured” Please Contact @Reks For Sound Issue

One of @Reks valued app users using pseudonym 2sweet2besoured   left a one-star review in iTunes for Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names  complaining that there was no sound coming from the app. Unfortunately, the user did not contact @Reks support team for help, so we were unable to offer […]

iOS7, iOS8, and iOS9 Sound Issue R...

iOS7, iOS8, and iOS9 Sound Issue – Quick Fix in Control Center

The latest operating system by Apple introduced a number of changes for our users. The most talked about change includes sudden lack of sound on an iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, the Control Center where the mute button is switched to ON/OFF is activated differently on iOS7 and newer operating systems than on previous versions. Here are […]

Why did SOUND on my iPad stop all of ...

Why did SOUND on my iPad stop all of a sudden?

Some iPad, even iPhone users complain that the sound on their device suddenly stopped working.  You might not get sound even after moving the SIDE SWITCH button on your iPad Device. This happens in case you have the SLIDE SWITCH set to control rotation lock. To fix this issue follow these four steps: 1. Double […]

4 Steps to Fix Sound on Your iPad

4 Steps to Fix Sound on Your iPad

Have you ever been frustrated because all of a sudden you cannot hear the sound coming from the game you are playing whether it is Temple Run, Iron Man, Minecraft, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds or …? It may happen that you can still listen to a TV show, movie, music or a […]

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