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Classroom Spelling

Classroom Spelling

This @Reks spelling app combines names of letters and sounds of letters (phonics) in one app. Classroom Spelling by @Reks was designed to meet the needs of numerous schools and educational institutions. The apps represents a full version of Build A Word Express… App and a combination of two other spelling apps Build A Word Easy […]

Your Own Spelling List in Memory Game

Memory Game Spelling Words by @Reks lets your child memorize spelling words by sight while playing a memory game!  Now you get to create your own spelling list based on any word family you want your little one to master. Here is how it works:

Spelling Words Card Matching Game (FR...

Spelling Words Card Matching Game (FREE App)

This spelling app is a classic memory game with only one goal: find two identical cards, that is, two cards with the same word written on it. It is a lite version app of Memory Game Spelling Words iOS App. Spelling Words Card Matching App is offered in iTunes as a FREE app with in-app […]

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