@Reks has a number of spelling apps to meet different educational needs. @Reks is a member of MomsWithApps Group (http://momswithapps.com/) hence all @Reks’ spelling apps are a part of KnowWhatsInside Program, a partnership between MOMs with apps™ and ACT.

1. Build A Word – Easy Spelling with Phonics ($paid):


Phonics (sound of the letter) is used in narration. User can create spelling lists FROM the pool of 800 words. You can track students’

progress in HISTORY. ACCESSIBILITY options are offered for VISUALLY impaired and those struggling with fine motor skills.


2. Build A Word – Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words ($paid):


Names of letters are narrated (NOT phonics). User can create his own spelling lists by typing any word and recording his voice. The recording time offers user a chance to record a word and a sentence as a prompt in recognizing the right word. The recording time can be shortened in case the narration consists of only one word without an accompanying sentence. Teachers/parents can SHARE customized spelling lists among other iPad users via e-mail.

You can track students’ progress in HISTORY. ACCESSIBILITY options are offered for the VISUALLY impaired and those struggling with fine motor skills.


3. Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names  FREE with in-app purchase


The EXPRESS spelling app is a lite/free version of the previous two spelling apps.

It was designed as a sample app for users to try the app first and then decide if the teaching methodology in the app works for them. Later in-app purchase option was added due to changes on the iTunes market.  The Express version offers some features for FREE. In the case of customized spelling lists, only the names of letters are narrated during practice, while other preloaded (built-in) spelling lists can have either name of the letter of sound of the letter narrated.


4. Classroom Spelling ($paid) –


Classroom Spelling App represents a full version of Build A Word Express App (Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names). This means that these two apps are identical except that with Classroom Spelling all the features unlocked with the initial purchase. The app was created to help schools make educational purchases since such purchases cannot be made through in-app purchases within the Build A Word Express App.


5. Memory Game Spelling Words  ($paid)


In Memory Game Spelling Words a user can create spelling-word lists out of the pool of the existing words. This is a full version of  the app recommended for schools:

* over 700 spelling words to choose from (Dolch’s Sight Word List and more)

* customized spelling lists

* Multiple Word Lists: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Sight Words, and other categorized word families

* narration: professional female narration or child’s voice

* choice of number of cards: 6, 12, 18

* upper or lower case letters

* block or cursive letters


6. Spelling Words Card Matching Game (FREE + in-app purchase)


This app was designed as a sample app for users to try it out first and decide if they wish to buy the full version. The in-app purchase was added later due to iTunes store changes.

 @Reks Spelling App