Lingua Latina GAMESLingua Latina Nouns iOS app created by @Reks helps students learn Latin nouns, practice them through five different games, and finally gives students a chance to take a test and see how much knowledge they acquired. A student chooses whether he wishes to learn or practice the meaning of nouns or grammar. All these and many other options are available in the SETTINGS of the app. Customization features are added in the app in order to meet the students’ needs. Furthermore, Lingua Latina Nouns iOS app lets you track individual student’s progress.


Your student will greatly benefit from this app. It is a great source of information and a great source of fun practice activities. All this is suitably wrapped in time appropriate scenery with ancient Roman soldiers, artifacts, and symbols designed to send us back in time.

Lingua Latina NounsThe five games include:

  1. Pontem Transitu – in English: Crossing the bridge
  2. Tiberim Transitu – in English: Crossing the river Tiber
  3. Memoria Ludum – in English: Memory game
  4. Aenigma Verbi – in English: Word Puzzle
  5. Nere Rota – in English: Spinning wheel


Lingua Latina Nouns contains some 450 most frequently used nouns of feminine, masculine or neuter gender belonging to declensions I through V including some indeclinable nouns.  A student chooses whether he wishes to learn/practice the meaning of nouns (Vocabulary) or grammar (Gender or Declension). You can customize the content to meet your students’ needs.To learn how to implement the app’s features in your classroom follow this link: