Starting Out in Latin Barbara Bell & Helen Forte is a lively, colourful introduction to the  Unit 2Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain for children aged 7 and over. A fun way to teach English grammar, it is ideal for cross-curricular activities.

I have been teaching elementary school children (4th and 5th graders) Latin language using this book here in the U.S.A. The students like the stories about a family living in Great Britain in 100 AD.

Since the students like this book, I have decided to create some printable activities following the lessons in the book:

1. Starting Out In Latin- Latin Roots in Unit 1

2. Food, Glorious Food – Sentences with adjectives

3. Verbs – Unit 3 – Practice with Latin verbs dormit, ridet, sedet, coquit, legit, spectat, lacrimat and scribit


Word Search Latin Verbs - He, She, It as Subjects

Word Search Latin Verbs – He, She, It as Subjects


4. Word Search Puzzle and Translation – Unit 3 Latin Verbs (dormio, lego, scribo, verro, laboro, lacrimo, purgo, sedeo, sum)

5. “I Spy …” Game with vocabulary connected to classroom/school. Click/tap here for the game Lūdus- “I Spy ____ ” Game

6. CrossWord Puzzle – fill in the blanks with Latin words based on translation from English; vocabulary from Units 2, 3, and 4 in the book Starting Out in Latin. Click Tap here for the crossword puzzle: Crossword Puzzle Lingua Latina

7.  Off to town- Unit 6 (Starting Out in Latin) – (PDF – Vocabulary and stories…)

8. Roman Numbers And Unit 6 Off To Town For Shopping Quiz (PDF – printable worksheet) Answer Key: Answer Key for Unit 6 Quiz

9.  Roman Soldier and His Equipment Activity (PDF) – getting ready for Unit 7 in Starting Out in Latin


10. Reviewing Latin Numbers, Roman Numerals, Latin Verbs (Unit 5) with Answer Key for Activities (pdf)

11. Crossword Puzzle – Latin names for equipment and armor of a Roman soldier (pdf)
Answer Key for the crossword puzzle: Roman Soldier CrossWord Puzzle Answer Key (pdf)

CrossWord Puzzle Roman Soldier12. Activities focusing on imperatives and additional vocabulary connected to equipment and armor of a Roman soldier (word search & fill in the blanks) Unit 7 Vocabulary Imperative.pdf; Answer Key to the activities: Unit 7 Vocabulary Imperatives – Answer Key.pdf

13. Unit 6 and Unit 7 Review with Answer Key (math problem with Roman Numerals based on the story from Vindolanda; word search puzzle; fill in the blanks with imperative forms): Unit 6 & Unit 7 Review with Answer Key.pdf

14. Writing an invitation letter in Latin (reading and translating a sample letter, writing the letter), Roman Numerals activity, Jokes with Roman Numerals, Latin sayings, Simo dicit: Invitation Letter Numbers And More Activities- With Answer Key.pdf

15. MODERN TECHNOLOGY useful in the classroom:

a) Lingua Latina : Nouns iOS App 

b) Lingua Latina Verbs FREE

c) Word Search: Latin Nouns and Verbs FREE


Roman Numerals Jokes