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Learn Latin Online: Worksheets, E-Books,...

Learn Latin Online: Worksheets, E-Books, Games, Books

Check out the list of websites that have been collected to help homeschoolers, moms, and teachers find the most suitable Latin syllabus and free printable worksheets to practice Latin: LATIN FOR BEGINNERS BY BENJAMIN L. D’OOGE, Ph.D. the whole book online: Transparent Language: Learn Latin Basics: Transparent Language: Latin Proficiency Test University of Notre Dame: Latin […]

Learn Latin with @Reks iOS App!

Learn Latin with @Reks iOS App!

Lingua Latina Nouns iOS app created by @Reks helps students learn Latin nouns, practice them through five different games, and finally gives students a chance to take a test and see how much knowledge they acquired. A student chooses whether he wishes to learn or practice the meaning of nouns or grammar. All these and many […]