Applicable2U and IEAR published a review of one of AtReks applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Caboose – Learn Patterns and Sorting with Letters, Numbers, Shapes andApp Reviews Colors.  The author is Andrea Gardner who wrote a very generous and inspirational review. According to her:

Applicable2U gives Caboose two thumbs up! It meets our approval for gaming with a reason.  With a very interactive and engaging design, your child will be learning and having fun at the same time.  More … 

The review praised the Caboose graphics and diverse options in the SETTINGS part of the app.

As our train nears 170 reviews, we are excited to hop on the recently updated educational app,Caboose: Learn Patterns and Sorting with Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors by developer AtReks. Your train conductor, a sweet looking dinosaur will offer you two tickets, one that will have you traveling around the United States as you learn about patterns and another that will take you across Europe where your little one will sort items and build their vocabulary.  Go on this amazing journey as it was built to work on all Apple devices running iOS 4.0 or later. Which ticket will your toddler, preschooler or kindergartener take first?  With their recent update, Caboose has implemented a wonderful new menu screen.  The graphics and organization has truly improved since our last exploration and why our readers need to be aware of these updates and how it is applicable to you! More … 

Not only did she describe the app and its features in detail, but also gave AtReks some original ideas to make the app even better. Thank you, Andrea!

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