Know What's Inside@Reks has become a member of  KNOW What’s Inside (KWI)
program. KNOW What’s Inside represents a partnership between enthusiastic iOS developers and ACT (The App Association) focusing on privacy in apps for children allowing parents and teachers to know what’s inside apps without any unwanted surprises and tricks.  Hence, all members are expected to have clearly written privacy policies and descriptions.

@Reks apps meet the requirements set to protect children’s safety online. Learn about all @Reks apps that meet the criteria: https://knowwhatsinside/atreks


When you see the KNOW what's inside logo, it is a signal to parents that the app maker takes your privacy seriously.

When you see the KNOW what’s inside logo, it is a signal to parents that the app maker takes your privacy seriously.

The following questions need to be answered by every app developer member of  KWI program:
1. Does the app collect any personal information? If yes, what is that information used for?

2. Does the app include in-app purchase (additional purchase withing the app)? Is purchase of another app, subscription, or virtual goods?

3. Does the app include social media plug ins, such as Facebook, Twitter, …?

4. Does the app have links to the Internet or app stores? If so, is it hidden behind the parental GATE (press&hold button; password protected…)?

5. Does the app include advertising networks? If so, what kind of advertisements? Are they appropriate for children?

6. Does the app collect error reports or other app usage analytics? If so, what kind of reports and to what purpose? Is it anonymous and secure?

With more than one million apps to choose from, it can be hard to find the right apps for kids – and even harder to know if the app their kid loves is one they can trust. Just like nutrition labels help parents decide which snack is right for their kids, Know What’s Inside provides parents with information – in plain English – to help them decide which app is right for their kids.






To stay informed about the latest online privacy regulations please visit The Federal Trade Commission, the government agency focused on Children’s Online Privacy: They updated the COPPA Rule in December of 2012, and published several reports related to best practices for children’s online privacy, including how to address disclosures.


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