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@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Kno...

@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Know What’s Inside Program

@Reks has become a member of  KNOW What’s Inside (KWI) program. KNOW What’s Inside represents a partnership between enthusiastic iOS developers and ACT (The App Association) focusing on privacy in apps for children allowing parents and teachers to know what’s inside apps without any unwanted surprises and tricks.  Hence, all members are expected to have clearly […]

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Letting your child play apps unattended can lead to having your iTunes bill increased considerably. The $0.99-charges which often go unnoticed tend to add up. Have you heard of apps like Angry Birds Star Wars, Skim It!, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja HD, Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Yes? No? Well, your child has certainly heard of them […]

I do not want my child to make in-app...

I do not want my child to make in-app purchases. How do I do that?

You can turn OFF in-app purchase on your iPhone in 7 steps. The same steps can be applied to iPad or iPod Touch. Tap SETTINGS Tap GENERAL in the Settings Scroll down to find RESTRICTIONS. Tap it. Tap ENABLE RESTRICTIONS at the top of the screen. Enter Restrictions Password (4 digit numerical code)

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