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Build A Word Easy Spelling with Phoni...

The goal of each activity is to assemble (“spell” or “write”) the target word in the card slots using some of the letter cards. The main components of the Build A Word Phonics interface are a notepad sheet with the target word written on it either in letters (practice mode) or in question marks (quiz mode), several […]

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors C...

Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game

Learners of all ages and abilities can benefit using this memory game iOS application. Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Card Matching Game  is designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun, friendly atmosphere. *English alphabet with 26 letters *Each letter narrated *Choice between sound of the letter (phonics) and name of the letter (spelling) * […]

Caboose – Learn Patterns and So...

TWO games in one App for your kindergartener and preschooler: pattern recognition; sorting objects by size and letters/numbers by position. 1. Complete patterns to help @Reks dinosaur travel from the East coast to the West coast of the USA: * Pattern type(s): ABAB, AABA, AABB, ABC…; * Pattern content: shapes, colors, letters (upper/lower case), numbers, […]

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