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School Tool: Rhyming Words

School Tool: Rhyming Words

The latest @Reks app focuses on helping students with spelling through rhyming. School Tool Rhyming Words app was planned to be a part of Presentation, Practice and Production language teaching methodology. Practically the method relies on the progression from presentation, through controlled practice, to free production. Having this in mind School Tool Rhyming Words was given three […]

Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spelling t...

Build A Word Phonics Teaching Spelling to 4-Year Old

A user has recently contacted @Reks asking advice on which spelling list to use with a four-year-old learner. Which spelling words to use as a starting point mostly depends on the learner’s learning potential and motivation. As a teacher and a parent of a four-year-old boy, I would suggest to start with making your own custom list consisting […]

Special Education Department Recommends ...

Special Education Department Recommends @Reks Apps

Special Education Department at Calvin Christian School (Hamilton, Ontario in Canada) recommends @Reks apps. The @Reks card matching apps caught the school’s attention: Multiplication: Math Facts Card Matching Game (primary) – to download go to: and Memory Game Spelling Words (primary) – to download go to: The apps were chosen as the ones offering interactive challenges […]

Build A Word Express Ranked 4th By Bronw...

Build A Word Express Ranked 4th By Bronwyn Sutton

@Reks‘ lite version of a series of spelling apps, Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names, was thoroughly reviewed by a Speech Language Pathologist and Educator with 25 years experience, Bronwyn Sutton, on The Learning App Guide website.   According to Ms. Sutton Build A Word Express spelling app offers satisfactory […]

“2sweet2besoured” Please Contact @Reks F

“2sweet2besoured” Please Contact @Reks For Sound Issue

One of @Reks valued app users using pseudonym 2sweet2besoured   left a one-star review in iTunes for Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names  complaining that there was no sound coming from the app. Unfortunately, the user did not contact @Reks support team for help, so we were unable to offer […]