The iPhone Mom liked the method used by educational application Build A Word Easy Spelling. She also found it useful to see different levels based on the vowel sound in the word – short and long vowel words. According to her:

You can’t beat the app for content, 600 words is plenty to keep your child spelling for a good long while. 


Since then the application has been considerably improved. Build A Word Easy Spelling continued to dominate the spelling-app market with these incredible new features:

  • a list of spelling words in addition to 600 existing words(type in the new word and record your voice)!
  • multiple custom word lists
  • three existing word lists: short vowel words, long vowel words, sight words (Dolch’s Sight Words List and more)
  • audio and/or visual prompt
  • two modes: Practice and Quiz
  • upper and lower case letters
  • immediate sound feedback heard upon tapping the correct/incorrect letter
  • option to choose either a BEEP tone or NARRATION for the incorrect letter