“How do you make learning the basic principles of spelling fun and engaging? Invite the user to pop dinosaur-filled bubbles, of course! Build A Word utilizes proven methods to teach your young child how to connect letters into words, and accomplishes this feat in an organized, yet entertaining way.” Kids App Reviews 

@Reks is happy to share yet another positive review of Build A Word Easy Spelling with Phonics. Nick Hannett from Kids App Reviews was pleased with our phonics spelling app  recommending it to educators and parents. According to the reviewer the app

” is a carefully designed, well organized and creative app that, if played regularly, will have your child spelling in a short amount of time. 5 stars for Build a Word.” Read full review… 

Information about the reviewer:

Nick Hannett co founded Hanook Technologies, LLC that created Letter Fetch application for iPhone and iPad. Visit his Kids App Review website at http://www.kids-app-reviews.com.