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Build A Word Easy Spelling for Special Needs Students In Ohio

Build A Word Easy Spelling with 600+ Words immerges in Ohio. Instructional Technology Integration Partnership in Ohio posted online Curriculum App Reviews for Special Needs Students which recommends this spelling application created by @Reks.

The review was written by Jonathan Smith, Canton City Schools. He recommends Build A Word Easy Spelling saying that ” This app is also great for special education students who need modified lists. This app is highly engaging and wonderful for students.”

Full Review:

Build a Word is a simple app that allows children to spell over 600 words.  It breaks things down into short vowel words, long vowel words, sight words and you can easily create your own spelling list.  There is a practice and quiz mode.  This app gives your students immediate feedback as to correct and incorrect answers.  This app is also great for special education students who need modified lists.  This app is highly engaging and wonderful for students.

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