Vicki Windman, a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South, created a list of applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that best help students with spelling. The list was posted on Tech&Learning Website ( Two of @Reks apps earned a place on this list: Memory Game Spelling Words, and Build A Word Easy Spelling with 600+Words.

Vicki Windman recommends Memory Game Spelling Words because “the app also fosters memory, concentration, reasoning, and perception”. She categorized it in the following spelling group Pre-primer – 3rd Grade. Memory Game would be another way to help children learn to spell:

“All students love matching games. This app has 600 Dolch words plus the ability to customize word lists. The matching board can be adjusted to accommodate the student.

Memory Game: Spelling Words iTunes Artwork

Memory Game Spelling Words

Options include upper or lower case letters and block or cursive letters.”

Vicki Windman sees a great advantage for Special Needs Students in the use of Build A Word Easy Spelling application. Thus, repetition of audio prompt in this app helps children with hearing and remembering the word and sounds.

According to Vicki Windman “Learning high-frequency sight words also has been shown to help with both reading and writing. Not only is the ability to spell necessary in most occupations, but a person also needs to be able to spell well in order to be able to communicate and take notes and directions.” Follow this link to learn more: