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Create Custom Spelling Lists in Build...

Create Custom Spelling Lists in Build A Word – Easy Spelling with Phonics

Build A Word Easy Spelling with Phonics iOS application by @Reks offers users a chance to create their own custom spelling word lists from the pool of over 800 words. To customize the app please follow these four steps: 1. Go to Settings (Press&Hold)

School Tool Rhyming Words: Teaching M...

School Tool Rhyming Words: Teaching Methodology

We teach students rhyming words to help them develop phonemic awareness which leads to better reading and writing (spelling) success. When a student learns to manipulate words through rhyming and rhyming word games, he has acquired an important skill to break words into smaller parts and to recognize smaller parts in words. Thus, rhyming teaches […]

Educational Spelling Apps in Classroo...

Educational Spelling Apps in Classroom

@Reks has a number of spelling apps to meet different educational needs. @Reks is a member of MomsWithApps Group (http://momswithapps.com/) hence all @Reks’ spelling apps are a part of KnowWhatsInside Program, a partnership between MOMs with apps™ and ACT.

NEW App! Astro Math: Grades K-3

NEW App! Astro Math: Grades K-3

Astro Math: Grades K-3 by @Reks is a reliable follow-up resource for common core standardized lessons. The app includes math facts covering kindergarten through 3rd grade school curriculum.

@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Kno...

@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Know What’s Inside Program

@Reks has become a member of  KNOW What’s Inside (KWI) program. KNOW What’s Inside represents a partnership between enthusiastic iOS developers and ACT (The App Association) focusing on privacy in apps for children allowing parents and teachers to know what’s inside apps without any unwanted surprises and tricks.  Hence, all members are expected to have clearly […]

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Letting your child play apps unattended can lead to having your iTunes bill increased considerably. The $0.99-charges which often go unnoticed tend to add up. Have you heard of apps like Angry Birds Star Wars, Skim It!, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja HD, Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Yes? No? Well, your child has certainly heard of them […]

FREE Educational Apps

FREE Educational Apps

Here is a list of FREE educational applications for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch courtesy of @Reks: 1. Astro Math – FREE 2. Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts – FREE 3. Build A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names– FREE 4. Caboose Express: Patterns and Sorting for Preschool and Kindergarten– FREE 5. Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors Free Card […]

@Reks apps FREE and reduced for World...

A number of websites (AppyMall, A Byte of This and That, Smart Apps For Kids, Technology in (SPL) Education…) have organized events in support of World Autism Awareness Month – April 2013. They have all collected a number of FREE or discounted applications and posted them on their websites. On top of that they have […]

Subtraction: Math Facts Card Matching...

Subtraction: Math Facts Card Matching Game

Students of all ages and abilities can benefit using this application.  Subtraction: Math Facts Card Matching Game is designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun, and friendly atmosphere. * great tool for helping children subtract a number accurately and quickly * three modes: single-player mode(practice); two-player mode (play with a friend); […]

Arithmetic Invaders: Grade K

Arithmetic Invaders: Grade K

* Three counting up games  * Two counting down games * Two addition games * One subtraction game * Basic facts about the Solar System * Focus on Math problems to avoid random shoot-out * Complete missions to move to the next level and earn space pilot ranks * Collect insignia * Apply fine motor […]

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