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4 Steps To Extend Battery Life On App...

4 Steps To Extend Battery Life On Apple iOS 7 Device

If you have already upgraded operating system (iOS) of your Apple device to iOS7, you are probably worried with the battery life suddenly becoming shorter. This is because iOS7 introduced a lot of fancy features that tend to deplete your battery faster. Here are 4 steps you can take to keep the battery running longer:

iOS7, iOS8, and iOS9 Sound Issue R...

iOS7, iOS8, and iOS9 Sound Issue – Quick Fix in Control Center

The latest operating system by Apple introduced a number of changes for our users. The most talked about change includes sudden lack of sound on an iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, the Control Center where the mute button is switched to ON/OFF is activated differently on iOS7 and newer operating systems than on previous versions. Here are […]

@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Kno...

@Reks, iOS App Developer, ACT And Know What’s Inside Program

@Reks has become a member of  KNOW What’s Inside (KWI) program. KNOW What’s Inside represents a partnership between enthusiastic iOS developers and ACT (The App Association) focusing on privacy in apps for children allowing parents and teachers to know what’s inside apps without any unwanted surprises and tricks.  Hence, all members are expected to have clearly […]

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Save $$$$$ in iTunes in 7 Steps

Letting your child play apps unattended can lead to having your iTunes bill increased considerably. The $0.99-charges which often go unnoticed tend to add up. Have you heard of apps like Angry Birds Star Wars, Skim It!, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja HD, Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Yes? No? Well, your child has certainly heard of them […]

@Reks and Apple Celebrate App Store D...

@Reks and Apple Celebrate App Store Downloads

@Reks and Apple celebrate a huge mile stone in downloads. Today Apple shared a big news about reaching 50 billion app downloads. Also, @Reks, an app developing company, has crossed over half a million downloads! Following the news, Apple announced the name of the person who downloaded the milestone app. The prize winner will receive […]

4 Steps to Fix Sound on Your iPad

4 Steps to Fix Sound on Your iPad

Have you ever been frustrated because all of a sudden you cannot hear the sound coming from the game you are playing whether it is Temple Run, Iron Man, Minecraft, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds or …? It may happen that you can still listen to a TV show, movie, music or a […]

@Reks apps FREE and reduced for World...

A number of websites (AppyMall, A Byte of This and That, Smart Apps For Kids, Technology in (SPL) Education…) have organized events in support of World Autism Awareness Month – April 2013. They have all collected a number of FREE or discounted applications and posted them on their websites. On top of that they have […]

Build A Word Easy Spelling Recommende...

Build A Word Easy Spelling Recommended by Sonoma County Office of Education

Sonoma County Office of Education published online a list of recommended spelling apps. @Reks is proud to announce that Build A Word – Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words Application was one of the offered spelling applications for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.  Check out their list […]

Your Own Spelling List in Memory Game

Memory Game Spelling Words by @Reks lets your child memorize spelling words by sight while playing a memory game!  Now you get to create your own spelling list based on any word family you want your little one to master. Here is how it works:



   @Reks is joining this #AppFriday Party . This Friday on December 21st, 2012, promo codes of some of @Reks’s educational apps will be given away. To win a promo code join the contest:       @Reks wishes you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

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