Classroom SpellingBuild A Word – Easy Spelling – Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel WordsBuild A Word Express – Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names   apps offer users an option to create their own custom spelling lists. For that they can use letters of the English alphabet and their own voices to record narration.

To create a new spelling list:

  1. Tap and hold Press&Hold Button in the upper right corner of the screen. The SETTINGS will appear

BAW Press&Hold

2. Tap ‘Tap to select or create active list’ under ‘Word Settings in the SETTINGS

3. Tap ‘+’ in the upper right section of the screen

Add new spelling list4. Enter LIST NAME, e.g. Jennifer At Words

Enter Spelling List Name

Create Spelling List

5. To enter a new word tap the rectangle that says ‘Enter new word’, e.g. word

Enter New Word

6. Press RECORD button. The recording starts in 3 seconds

Recording Button

7. Say the word loud and clear

8. Listen to the word playback by pressing PLAY button.

9. Save the recording by pressing DONE button.

10. Cancel the recording by pressing CANCEL button.

11. When done recording the word, tap DONE in the upper right corner

12. Repeat steps 4 – 11 to create additional words. For more information on how to add new spelling words to your spelling list, please, read:

How do I add new words / delete old words in my custom spelling list?


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